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Titleist DT Solo Golf Balls (Yellow) 2014

Brand: Titleist
Titleist DT Solo Golf Balls (Yellow) 2014

Titleist DT Solo Golf Balls (Yellow) 2014

Titleist aims to produce golf balls to suit players of all standards and styles. The DT SoLo is designed to assist players looking to gain distance but maintain control. With its soft compression, this ball has a much softer feel than many distance balls. That means it also performs well around the greens.

  • Soft compression ball with fast core will help players, even those with slower swing speeds, to generate remarkable distance.
  • Cover is constructed from blend of two soft Surlyn ionomers to give excellent feel on shorter shots and putts.
  • 392 icosahedral dimple design provides excellent aerodynamics and a consistent ball flight.
  • Cover features Titleist's Alignment Integrated Marking or A.I.M side stamp. These arrows help the player at address whether on the tee or standing over a testing five-foot putt.

Constructed using Titleist's precise manufacturing process, the DT SoLo is supremely consistent ball that performs from the tee to the cup. This is not merely a beginners' ball, it will help all players looking to gain distance and retain a good degree of feel around the putting surfaces.