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Titleist Nxt Golf Balls


Titleist Nxt Golf Balls – The Complete Guide

Titleist Nxt golf balls are exceptionally popular in the industry, as they are known for their outstanding level of performance. This is of little surprise when you consider the dominance of Titleist in the industry. One of their main marketing mottos is the ‘the #1 ball in golf’. Read on to find out more about their Nxt range.

Titleist has an outstanding reputation in the industry and in different golf shop. The company has been around since 1932, and since then they have grown and grown in popularity. A lot of professionals in the industry use the golf balls and clubs that are made by this brand. So what makes the Nxt range so special? These balls are proven to offer an outstanding level of performance. They have been engineered for distance and performance. They feature a unique design, which boasts a soft centre and a large dual core. This advanced multi-component golf ball provides exceptional shot stopping control, a low driver and impressive distance thanks to the long iron spin. One thing that sets Titleist apart is the advanced technology used in their products, and their golf balls are no different. The core is a large centre dual core engine while the cover system is a soft, fast Fusablend cover. The dimple design is a spherically tiled 302 octahedral design. All of these features come together to deliver the outstanding golf balls that are held in such high regard in the industry today.

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