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Titleist NXT Tour Golf Balls - 2014

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Brand: Titleist

Titleist NXT Tour Golf Balls

Short game development and longer hitting…

The Titleist NXT Tour is part of the brands modern successful golf balls offering market leading solutions to player’s needs. They bring a different philosophy to the popular PRO V1 ball and look to developer other areas of the game.

What do the balls offer?

They are designed to ensure reduced low trajectory spin on woods and long irons. The offset is that it increases touch, feel and spin on wedges and putting.

What really sets these balls apart is their ability to add genuine feel on the greens. They offer a consistent and predictable roll to encourage confidence on the short stuff.


The NXT features a large dual core with a soft centre and Fusablend cover. This blend works well to provide flatter longer striking but better hang time and touch on more open blades clubs. This softer compression core leads to a more reactive and proactive ball in flight and on landing.

The ball is spherically tiled with 302 octahedral dimple design. These dimples are not identical and each serve a purpose. It is noticeably less than the PRO V1 ball but ensures a close connection off the blade of the club.

Despite the sensitive nature of the ball it does take quite a beating and is highly resilient.

What the tests have to say?

The ball is widely reviewed and the positive feedback is commanding. It is more responsive on the green than the average ball and more predictable.

Testing also indicated that the ball offered a truer spin allowing approach shots to attack pins, even on fast greens.

It offers an excellent all round alternative to the popular and successful PRO V1.


Titleist are renowned for producing high quality, heavily tested and successful golf balls. Titleist NXT is no exception; each ball is carefully monitored during the core heating process through to an x-ray of each ball before dispatch.

The brand have been producing leading golf balls for over 75 years and understand what it is all about.

Selecting the right Titleist for your game…

It is important to realise that each Titleist is designed to cater for different playing needs. The NXT Tour Ball is produced to offer incredible feel and touch. If you are looking to improve any of the following then this is the ball for you:

  • Holing more putts on slick greens
  • Finding yardage from straight hits
  • Bringing control to wedge and chip shots around the green

Upgrade your game today and join the Titleist family. If you are searching for a more affordable alternative to the PRO V1 or V1x, this is the perfect ball for you. 

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