Titleist Vokey SM6 Golf Wedge - Jet Black

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Tileist Vokey wedges take wedge performance to the next level, improving distance control, shot versatility and optimal spin. The TX4 grooves create a new feel and effect on the golf ball upon impact.  More details

Product Information

Titleist Vokey SM6 Golf Wedge

Extreme control and exciting shot making…

The Titleist SM6 Golf Wedges are specially created to aid complete performance and versatility around the green. They feature a number of unique technologies exclusive to Titleist.

Key Features…

  • The wedges establish a new performance standard by improving in the three key areas: precise distance gapping, shot versatility and maximum spin.
  • The precise distance and trajectory control offers exceptional feel from a progressive, new center of gravity location in the face.
  • Each club features enhanced versatility and shot making to fit your swing type. More spin from 100% inspected TX4 grooves with new parallel face texture producing a sharper, more consistent groove edge.
  • Each club comes complete in either Tour Chrome, Steel Grey, and Jet Black for a custom finish to add class to any golf bag.
  • The different wedge options include the L, M, S, F and K Grinds, each with specialist use depending on the ground condition and shot required.

Get your hands on the wedge system today and find new levels of performance and versatility within your short game.

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