Women’s Golf Day 2019


Women’s Golf Day is back, and this year it’s bigger than ever! 2019 marks just the fourth edition of the annual event, but, courtesy of a deal with the ANNIKA Foundation, this year’s event promises to be the best yet.


The Story So Far

In three years, the one-day celebration has made its way to over 900 golf venues across 52 different; reaching a whopping 50,000 women & girls around the world. This includes people with a lifelong affection for the game and absolute beginners alike, with events ranging from first-time training sessions to 18 holes for females golfers (and non-golfers!) of all ages.

However, when Elisa Gaudet founded WGD in 2016, it was not solely based around getting ladies out on the course. In fact, the official Women’s Golf Day website suggests a four-hour event consisting of two hours of golf and two hours of socialising. The first two hours may revolve around lessons on the driving range or in chipping & putting, or alternatively a 9-hole round. Meanwhile, the second half could be a simple sit-down-and-chat that allows beginners and experienced golfers to intermingle, or a host venue may arrange for speakers and visitors to provide information and entertainment.


What Next?

Swedish golf legend Annika Sorenstam called Women’s Golf Day “inspiring” as an initiative that echoes her desire to “share my passion for the game”. It should come as no surprise, then, that the ANNIKA Foundation has pledged its support to growing the initiative via its globally-recognised brand. Year upon year, the day has grown in popularity, not least thanks to the universal reach of social media. Whilst attaching arguably the most prestigious name in women’s golf to the initiative is a huge boost regardless, there is one other very important factor that Sorenstam brings to the table: European influence.

Whilst the 240 locations advertised on the Women’s Golf Day Location Finder (see link below) is very impressive, only 11 of those locations can be found in Europe as opposed to 228 in North America (Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club in Mauritius are flying the lone flag for the rest of the world… Obviously). Previously, we could only hope for the European figure to rise. Now, with Annika on board, that hope edges nearer expectation.


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Written by Joe Carabini



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