Zepp Golf Swing Analyser

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Zepp Golf Swing Analyser

Ever felt like you swung the club exactly how you wanted but somehow didn't get the results? 

Eradicate that feeling right away with the Zepp Golf Swing Analyser. This ingenious tool measures the most important aspects of your golf swing, allowing you to analyse and improve each one. Zepp offers an incredible set of 3D and video analysis features that give you instant feedback on club position and biomechanics. You can even compare your swing to the pros. 

Its golf swing analysis features include:

  • 3D swing
  • Club speed
  • Swing plane
  • Tempo
  • Backswing position 
  • Hip rotation

This may sound complicated but the set up is easy! Simply attach the mount provided on to your glove, insert the sensor then connect it wirelessly via bluetooth to your mobile phone and you're on your way to a better swing!

Never lose sight of the perfect swing again with the Zepp Golf Swing Analyser!

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